When playful and refined meet


I felt like I got a butterfly in my stomach when I first worked on branding and logo design. And it felt like that when I designed a new logo for my fellow crafter extraordinaire, Dian Kusumawardhani a.k.a Dini for her brand "DK Wardhani". It was because we've known each other for so long and I didn't want to disappoint her

Dini wanted a feminine, simple, playful and refined logo for her rising business in writing children and crafting books. It had some difficulties, especially on how to incorporate playful and refined in one logo? Playful and refined are so different, just like two opposites.

Fortunately, Dini was so easy to work with. We shared our ideas together using emails and chats.  And finally, I came into this logo, a feminine yet playful one. I must consider it still playful enough so she can use it in her children books

I was glad when she finally said "yes"! It was like giving birth to my last baby

Look how Dini used the new logo in her new promo video :

source : Craft Video by DK. Wardhani (capungmungil)

Thank you Dini for working with me!

For small business owner and any entrepreneur, I'm here to help you crafting a brand new logo. Just fill up this simple form

- citra -


  1. wow bagus banget..
    aku bikinin juga dong mbaaak... jadi mupeng....

  2. Mb Elsa, mau dibuatkan yang bagaimana? hehe


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