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Today I'm sharing an interview with Kiki Palar from Kimomo and hosting a giveaway for her. Kiki is a fabrics enthusiast and a crafter living in Jakarta. Her designs are both fresh and practical. I met her in facebook, a year ago, while I was browsing cute fabrics, and stumbled upon her pretty home decor collections and pretty fabrics. All photographs included in this interview are used with Kiki’s permission.


1.Your Crafty Business Name :

2.Where can we find you online?

3.When did your business begin and why did you started?
Kimomo started on April 2011 and it started simply because my love to fabrics. I looked at my stack of fabrics and figured that I can not keep on stacking without doing anything to it.

4.Tell us about your business
Basically Kimomo sells fabrics but we also do customization for cushions, lampshades, sofas and home decorating items.
At Kimomo, you can pick your own fabric to be later produce to these items. So if you're looking for a matching lamp and bedsheet, look no further

5.Describe your typical day
My typical day starts when my baby wakes up. I then prepared her meal etc and I sat on my laptop, replying emails and comments from customers and later on start sending packages. I take care of my baby daughter for the rest of the day and try to sneak in some sewing time in between her meal and nap time

6.What keeps you motivated?
My customers usually motivate me the most. As simply as their thank you because they received the package or that they love the fabric, never fails to brighten my day. Some of them even kindly posted and shared what they make out of my fabric and to be able to provide the material for those creative people is one of the most amazing feeling I must say

7.What is the biggest challenge in your business?
I think the biggest challenge is to keep creating new items. What to make other than cushions, pin boards, etc. Another thing that is also challenging is to improved the business. How can I developed Kimomo, etc.

8.Any advice you would give to someone just starting a crafty business?
Make sure you love what you're doing then you'll be fine. Stop copying other people's creation and just believe in yourself. Everything starts small so do not worry to much about it at the beginning. And online business is very promising these days.

9.What do you love most about owning your own crafty business?
I love Kimomo the most because it lets me be with my baby all the time as well as fulfilling my creative side. The time flexibility is the most valuable thing that I can get from Kimomo. I also get to meet and make friends with lots of creative people in Indonesia and this experience is really valuable to me as these people always seize to impress and inspire me

10.Besides crafting, what do you love doing?
I love a good movie and I also love listening to good songs. Good music for me are songs with good lyrics as songs lyrics matters most for me (I know, weird.. hehe). I enjoyed watching concerts, theatrical performance even circus. But the end of the day the best feeling for me is to be able to just snuggle with your baby inside the blanket.

11.Where do you see your business in 10 years?
I hope I own a Kimomo retail store by then. Selling all those beautiful fabrics and items from creative people in Indonesia and helping to support local handmade. I hope in 10 years our society will appreciate local creations more. Crossing fingers... and hopefully in 10 years I will be meeting Citra again and tell her all the story all over again in Kimomo shop (amin).

I do hope so, Ms. Kiki..

And as my previous Monthly Spotlight, there are still giveaways for you, guys
Kimomo will give two pinboards for two Innocentia readers

How to win it ?

Like Kimomo
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Thank you so much Kimomo for letting me write about it and being a sponsor for this March giveaway. And for you, my readers, go like Kimomo on Facebook, and good luck !!

- citra -


  1. Ooo .. I need one for my {future} craft room! Count me in! ^^ *The blue one looks just purrfect! Hehehehe .. *ngarep.com

    I already liked Kimomo and put the button on my sidebar :)

    Nuning (BBC)

  2. i join this giveaway ya,, hehe,,
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  3. oh my dear, it's SO CUTE!
    please gimme that pinboard! :D

    check your button on my sidebar ya :)
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  4. eh iya, i already liked kimomo's page :)

  5. i think kimomo have a great idea to make the pinboards.

    the blue pinboard with yellow line is very cute, my fave colour. so i joined this giveaway and hope the pinboards can be mine ^^

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    thank you kimomo and innocentia...

  6. Waaaa.... i love the blue one, the color so pretty and soft. Please give it to me, miss kiki *puppy eyes*

    The idea actually simple, just a cupboard but she magically turn an ordinary cupboard to amazing one ^^

  7. lol... forgot to insert email

  8. Oh please count me in. I'm hoping to get that floral pinboard ☺

    Fb: Leny Latifah
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  9. all done ^^
    I am in

    i like the ideas of those fancy and simple home decor

    -dini capungmungil-

  10. I'm in :)
    already liked kimono's page, and see this giveaway button on my blog http://dindaramadhanty.blogspot.com/

    thank you :)

  11. Wow, how happy i am if i get the Kimomo
    so colourfull, i love that

    My FB : Fridi FridiGraph T
    My Blog : http://fridigraph.com (I've put a Kimomo banner on my blog :) )
    My email : fridigraph@gmail.com

  12. ...too bad that I live somewhere else. Cute boards though, good luck to those who enter! :o)

  13. count me in..
    i've done all :)

    fb : raisha nurul ichsanti
    email: raisha.nurul@yahoo.com
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  14. I'm coming and I relly want that pinboard..it's so cute :)

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  15. Awwww! Falling for flowery board, for sure.
    Blog: http://detailsinfabrics.blogspot.com/
    Since the button deleted/moved, so i'm using Kimomo's picture on its Facebook Page.

    Email: kn.purba@yahoo.com

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  17. I recently decorate my room and this giveaway comes up. Excited! :)

    Giveaway button's sticked. Kimomo's page liked.
    Email: aulia.rohadatulaisy@ymail.com

    fanpage like, DONE!
    email: benerangita@yahoo.com

  19. i've already LIKE kimomo's page...n like her idea for these beautiful fabrics...^^and thank you for this giveaway...

  20. sorry...i forgot my e-mail, and here : lusye2@yahoo.com

  21. ikutt ^_^
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  22. count me in!

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    thank you :D

  23. ==> Don't forget put a comment in this post stating that you want to enter this giveaway, put this giveaway button in your sidebar and include your email address in your comment <==

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    Mudah-mudahan rezeki Amiin ...

  24. Hello miss Dewi, I interest for your giveaway sponsored by kimomo :D
    I wish get select one from your two pinboards giveaway. That's good pinboards and match for mood boaster pinboard on my room. So I remember for my jobdesk and make me spirit everyday :) one more, I say no more 'galau' if I see my mood boaster pinboard :D
    thank you :D

  25. my email : pipin.chibiechan@gmail.com

  26. omg, I'm so exited to enter this giveway. I love crafty things too. :)

    I liked it (my facebook account is 'Kiki Kekok')
    also finished put the giveaway button on my blog. (gartenparadise.blogspot.com)

    my e-mail is: kelimutu.rizki@gmail.com

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  27. semoga tidak terlamabat... :D

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  29. Bismillah.. keep crafting all.
    suka dgn kutipan ini: "Make sure you love what you're doing then you'll be fine." Salam hangat dari makassar.
    Saya ikut GAnya ya!
    email: himawari.chu@yahoo.co.id
    fb: http://www.facebook.com/hima.rain

    Arigatou gozaimasu. Semoga sukses semuanya :)

  30. wuuuh Kimomo has worked in 10 years?? Cool bangeets!

    Mau ngucapin slamet & smangaat ah buat qaqa-qaqa cantik yang mengelola bisnis ini, smoga kalian sukses selalu ya♥♥♥
    please allow me to follow this giveaway qaqaa (◕‿◕✿)
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    All of your products are simple and soo pretty!
    I wish can get the pretty one of them hehe amin O:)
    salam kenal,


  31. wah flattered banget banyak yang ikutan giveawaynya, saya kiki dr kimomo makasih yah udah like pagenya kimomo =) mba tifaPS hehe kimomonya baru setaun aja mba hehe semoga beruntung semuanyaa =) pelukkk

  32. I think kimomo have creative idea to make pinboards which then could become a commercial business. Previously, I congratulate you on the growing kimomo and good luck.
    And about this giveaway, useful to expand the "market". I think, also be good to "stimulate" others in order to bring new ideas to start a business which rests on the idea of this kinds.

    I hope the nation is also helped by the increasing number of people like you

    The blue pinboard with yellow line is very cute, my fave colour. so i joined this giveaway and hope the pinboards can be mine ^^

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  33. Join ya mba,
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