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Napkitten Pattern's Giveaway Winners

Napkitten Winner's Pattern Favorite

Sorry for this postponed announcement. So here we go !
the winners are :

Huisei, with her first sewing memories :
I started to sew lat year,around March. I was looking for a new job that time and I found a sewing blog that shared a tutorial on how to sew a tote. I was so 'moved' with the step to step instruction and I make one reversible tote for the first time. From that time onwards, I grew my interest on sewing and continue until now...

Edhini Senastri
Pengalaman jahit craft yang berkesan..yaitu july 2010 lalu. Waktu itu pingin banget kasih hadiah yg personal buat ultah mama tercinta. Akhirnya aq buat tempat kaca mata dari flanel. Berhubung belum bisa jahit dengan mesin, akhirnya aq jahit semua manual dengan tangan dan belajar tusuk feston lagi dari internet :D. Pola juga nyari di google dan aq kembangin sendiri dengan kasih tulisan mumi for 'mommy' :P. Setelah jadi beliau senang sekali, dan akupun jadi jatuh cinta dan ketagihan untuk menjahit handmade sampai sekarang :)

Patty C
My first sewing experinece was making a bunny out of muslin - It turned out pretty cute - I put a burgundy dress on her with some ribbons - I hadn't thought about that in years - ;)

Congratulations, girls. I will send my confirmation emails tonight


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