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(It took me more time to post another Sewn with Love Sew Along. Have I told you that I always blame my tight schedule & full time work days ? If I haven't, I will blame them again LOL)

"Dirndl" originally came in form a dress worn by native Germany and Austria. This Dirndl Skirt maybe was designed by following the original shape of Dirndl's skirt. The skirt's size comes from 18-24 months until 7-8 years. I chose the smallest size for my daughter, and after it had finished, I saw that it was too big for her. Maybe it will fit better in my niece

About the materials :
The book suggests us to prepare 2 yards of plain chambray. I had some chambrays in green (that was used for making playsuit). If I used it again, you and I would be bored so I wouldn't use it again. I decided to use a quilt cotton (it is Bubble Cocoa from Arianna by Benartex) And later I found that my quilt cotton was to stiff and heavy for this kind of skirt. For size 18-24 months, I only needed 1 yard of fabric. You will also need 30 cms elastic (3 cm wide) and some ribbons or trims

Sewing The Skirt's Tiers :

1. From the pattern, I had five long strips of fabric. Four of them for skirt's tiers and one strip for skirt's waistband. I named the tiers from top, so the tier's following order from top is Tier 1 - Tier 2 - Tier 3 - Tier 4 (bottom tier).
For each strip, I joined its end onto another end, the pinned and stitched it the along its seamline. Then I sew two rows of gathering stitches around the top of each tiers, leaving long threas at each end. I pulled the gathering stitches and made sure the top of Tier 4 (bottom tier) had the same width as the bottom of Tier 3. I did the same method for Tier 3, Tier 2 and Tier 1.

2. I lined up the top of Tier 4 with the bottom of Tier 3, right side together. I pinned and sew the along the seamline, with 3/8 inches seam allowance

3. The I folded the Tier 3 put, and pressed the seams.

4. I did the same method (picture #2 and #3) to attach Tier 2 into Tier 3, and Tier 1 into Tier 2. I pressed all the seams and overlock any raw edge.

Waistband :

1. Like what I did to tiers, I stitched a waistband end onto another end, and press the seams open.

2. I folded and pressed the waistband in half lengthwise and its seam allowances

3. I pinned the right side of the waistband into the wrong side of skirt

4. After turned out the skirt, I attached and sew one edge of elastic into wrong side of the the waistband. Had a safety pin on another edge of elastic, I folded the waistband to the right side of the skirt, pressed it along half lengthwise and made sure the waistband's seam allowance had been folded inside.

5. I made a top-stitching along the bottom line of the waistband, and left three inches unstitched so I had enough room to pull out the elastic using the safety pin I had mentioned before. I pulled out the elastic and stitched it in its place (you can see the elasticized part of the waistband clearly at its pattern). I locked it by sewing the unstitched waistband's bottom edge and topstitching waistband's top edge.

*I was lack of words when I wrote thi, so pardon me if this post is kinda boring :D*

Important note : Please respect the writer
The skirt's design and Some texts are copyrighted, by Their Nibs (2010)


  1. I'm totally in love with the final look! so neat :)

  2. Ohh my!! This skirt tutorial comes in handy, I have been sewing my daughters spring clothes!!

    I love that fabric, by the way!!

  3. That skirt is just lovely!
    I just stopped by to let you know that I featured your playsuit on my round tuit post this week!
    Thanks again for linking up! Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [28 Feb 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  5. This is a great skirt! I have to see if the "Diva" would like one similar!! She is almost 10 so she has a definite opinion!

  6. WOW this looks great, I looked at the one in the book and thought it didn't particularly inspire me but yours definately does. I'm so busy making my bibs and bandanas for the children with complex health needs that I've not had chance to start my Sewn with love project, soon though!

  7. jadi kepingin coba
    bikinin Dija Mbak..hehhee


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