Basic Balloon Dress Tutorial and Patterns


I owe you patterns of this Balloon Dress that I promised to post last week. So I pay my promise now, with a short tutorial and patterns about making this dress :)

I hope you can understand this very short tutorial (I wrote it shortly after I woke up early this morning and couldn't shut my eyes anymore)

What you need :

- Outer Fabrics / Focus Fabrics
- Lining Fabrics
- Fusible Interfacing
- A Matching Button
- Contrast Threads, etc

How To Make :
1. Cut Lining Pieces Front and Back. If you want to add shape onto your dress, you can add fusible interfacing on the neck and sleeve area. And then sew it on right & left side :

2. Cut Upper Pieces Front and Back. If you want to add MORE shape onto your dress, you can add fusible interfacing on the neck and sleeve area. And then sew it on right & left side :

3. Put the Upper Pieces inside the Lining Pieces : Right side of front and back upper piece meet the right side of front and back lining piece

The wrong side of the lining pieces will be on the front

Armholes & Necklines
Stitch the armholes & neckline :
- Front outer-piece with front lining-piece, and back outer-piece with back lining-piece
I mean, I sew the front armholes & necklines separately from back armholes & necklines

- Please be patient, in my version I haven't sew the shoulder seams. I need to let them separated to turn the dress inside out

Button Closure
Don't forget to make button closure with any scrap left from upper fabric :
- Cut the fabric scraps into a tiny bias tape; width approximately 2 cm, length +/- 6 cm
- Fold it into 4 pieces and iron it, as any bias tape tutorial in this world says
- The last thing is top-stitching your tiny button closure
- Place it between back upper piece and back lining piece, and sew the back closure

4. Turning The Dress

- Turn the dress inside-out.

- I sew the shoulder seams, that is between front outer-fabric and back outer-fabric , and between front lining-fabric and back lining-fabric. I recommend using slip stitches/blind stitches for sewing the shoulder seams.

- After all the shoulder seams are done, you can top-stitch the armholes and necklines

5. Making Ruffled hem
- Gather hem of upper/outer fabric (back and front) with (very) loose stitches and make ruffles

6. Join the ruffled hem with lining. I attach the ruffled outer fabric into the lining fabric using slip
stitches/blind stitches. I hand-sew the slip/blind stitches. It is a little frustrating, but it worths the wait

And finish !!

Disclaimer : The patterns below are for my girl toddler, who is almost 2 years old. Her height is 98 cm. You can modify the patterns, but you can not use them for commercial use. If you make clothes made from my patterns and publish the clothes in your blog or wherever you want, please include my name & my blog address as the source of the patterns.

The patterns (I didn't include any sewing allowances in my patterns, so please add 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch sewing allowance yourself) :

- Basic Balloon Dress Front Lining Patterns
- Basic Balloon Dress Front Upper Patterns
- Basic Balloon Dress Back Lining Patterns
- Basic Balloon Dress Back Upper Patterns

To download, right-click your mouse and choose "save link as"


  1. waaaa,,,lucu banget mbak...
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  2. Hi Innocentia,

    So very cute and simple. thanks for sharing. I'm your newest follower.


  3. HOW ADORABLE IS THIS LITTLE DRESS! I love it!! Thanks for the b-day wishes. Your too sweet :)

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  6. So very cute! I'm not a sewer but I find I'm always amazed at people who can. You are very talented.

  7. Thanks so much for this! I'm always looking for new patterns and ideas! I have a friend who's little girl would look adorable in one of these!

  8. Thanks for sharing this. I've always wanted to try a balloon dress and this doesn't look too terribly complicated!

  9. Super cute! Now if only I could muster up the motivation to sew something.....

    I'm just popping in from Welcome Wednesday and am now following.

    Stop by when you get a chance!
    living well, spending less

  10. Oh absolutely adorable is this!?!!! Love it! :) I'm so excited to be your newest follower and would love to have you as a friend at Frou Frou Decor! Be sure to link up your fun finds every Friday at my Fabulous Finds Party! Hope to see you there!!
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  13. Such a cute & simple dress. I love it.

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  16. Hi great tutorial! I follow you now :-)

  17. Beautiful dress! Thanks so much for the tutorial and pattern.

  18. What a cute dress, wish I could sew! Now following you from Wed blog hop

  19. My aunts makes my daughter tons of dresses. I don't have the sewing gene that is strong in my house and she didn't have any daughters or grand daughters so it's a win/win.

    Thank you for sharing the instructions...almost makes me want to torture my sewing machine again.

  20. What a beautiful little dress! Thanks for sharing @ Fantabulous Friday!

  21. Way to go on the pattern! I'm still trying to figure out how to digitize one. I'm impressed!

  22. Keren..nanti kalo punya anak perempuan mau bikin..

  23. that is beautiful!!! i think i might be able to figure it out for my 5 and 8 yr old girls! thank you for sharing!


  24. Sorry these instructions are just so unclear, I can't see when the shoulder seams are sewn,how the back slit is made or how after pinning the lining with the outer fabric it is sewn together???
    Is it possible to add more pictures?
    A lovely dress that I'd really like to make:)

  25. I have put further instructions in my tutorial
    More pictures are going to be added this night
    I'm so sorry for writing unclear instructions and making you find difficulties in making this dress

  26. Assalamu'alaikum mba Citra... Terimakasih telah membagi ilmunya, semoga Allah memberikan kebaikan yang melimpah kpd mba Citra sekeluarga, amin. Ijin contek polanya ya... saya pengen bikin belajar bikin baju anak, biar lbh unik & enggak ada yang ngembarin. terimakasih

  27. Hi Dewi

    I have bookmarked your tutorial long enough and I finally got to making the balloon dress last weekend. I love it! See it here

  28. Hi Dewi,

    I can't seem to access the patterns. It just takes me to google. I would love to try to make this dress.

  29. Hi Dewi,

    I would love to have a go at making this but can't seem to access the patterns. Please could you tell me how just takes me to google.

    Many thanks.

  30. Hello Glitz,

    I had set the sharing setting that everyone on the net can access and download it. So, basically you don't need to log-in to google
    Have you try to download it when you log-in to google?

  31. Thank you very much for this pattern ! I love it and I think I will use it as soon as possible !

  32. Replies
    1. hello Linda!

      I hope the pattern will be helpful :)

  33. I made this dress and I love the result (even though my 1 and a half year old is only 83cm, so it's still waaay too big for her).

    1. Hello..
      I really love your balloon dress
      The pattern really needs adjustment, please be patient to see updates of this pattern go live :)

    2. I really really love the pattern and I think that's the most important thing. My 1 and a half year old is a lot smaller than your almost 2 year old was, so it's normal that the dress is too big for my little one. Your tutorial is very easy to follow. I underestimated the hand-stitiching part, but that's also because I used very small stitches. But, as I concluded on my blog: the dress itself is wonderfull and my daughter loves it, so it's totally worth the effort :-)

    3. your daughter was a lot taller than mine, so it's only logic that the dress is too big for my little girl at the moment. Even though I cursed while hand-stitching and I will try to avoid that part next time, I really love the result. My daughter just loves her new dress and is very cute with it, so it's absolutely worth the work :-)

    4. sorry about the double post, I tought it had disappeared the first time

    5. Hi Trijnewijn,

      I love to your result. the dress is adorable!
      You're not the only who cursed the hand-stitching part. Most of pattern testers said that there are better methods in doing that

      And it's okay for double posting your comment. I use comment moderation for avoiding spam comments, which makes some readers think that their published comments are disappeared

  34. I’m looking for some really good quality vintage 20s clothes genuine staff flapper etc, I found this site which is amazing. Is anyone else got any other ideas.

  35. I tried it and it's a great pattern! Here's my version: Thanks for your work :-)

  36. Thank you so much for the pattern! I used it to make my daughter a little piggy outfit. She refuses to wear anything else now.


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