Tutorial : External Hard Disk Cover


After a hectic week, finally I can post this tutorial. I know that this thing (external hard disk) sounds unfeminine, at least everybody that use computer needs this :D. And please forgive me for a very bad English & photographs :-x

External Hard Drive Cover Tutorial

Material Requirements :

- Focus / Exterior Fabric
- Lining Fabric
- Fusible Interfacing
- 1 mm foam/carton
- 1 set of Snap
- Matching yarn
- Fabric marking pen or tailors chalk
- Ruler
- Elastic

Measurement (see the picture below)

Note : This is not a pattern. This is just a measurement guide. Seam allowance is not included. For fabrics, you must add 1/4" or more. For interfacing, you don't need any seam allowance

Cut Pieces

Focus Fabric :
- One piece A

Lining Fabric :
- One piece A
- Two pieces B
- One piece C
For Bias tape, the measurement is 3" x 28" from lining fabric. And for elastic closure, you need to cut 3" x 4" from lining fabric

Fusible Interfacing :
- Two pieces A
- Two pieces B
- Two pieces C

Carton/Foam :
- Two pieces D
- One piece E

Interface Pieces :
Iron glued side of interfacing pieces (A, B & C) to the wrong side of focus fabrics A and the lining pieces (A, B, C).

For focus fabric A piece & lining fabric A piece, fold the side using iron

Some works on Cartons :
I didn't have any fabric glue, so I used a double tape to attach the carton into the focus fabric (note : It is better if you use foam than cartons)

Put the cartons into focus fabric A piece.

After you've done it, don't forget to :

- Make piece C : Trace the pattern from lining fabric ON FOLD. Iron the fusible interfacing on the wrong side, and stitch along the interfacing side leaving an opening along the bottom edge. Turn it right side out through opening at the bottom. Press again to neaten seams and the topstitch along the edge.

- Install a set of snap (that is consist of four pieces). Install first (down) pair of snap in the focus fabric (maybe 0,75" - 1 inch" from focus fabric edge), and install the second (upper) pair of snap into lining fabric C piece 0,75" from the edge

- Stitch lining fabric C piece into right side of the other part of focus fabric A piece +/- 1,25" from the edge

I didn't take any pictures on these steps. I hope you understand my explanation. I'm so sorry, I'll try to fix it later

Meet the wrong side of focus fabric A piece and lining fabric A piece.

Sew Hard Disk Holder

Fold the edge of two lining fabric B piece along the interfacing edge. Meet the wrong side of the two B pieces and stitch it on TOP EDGE and RIGHT & LEFT SQUARE SIDE. Leave RIGHT, LEFT and BOTTOM sides unstitched

Can you see the stitching ?

Center down completed holder at the right-down edge of one lining piece A and pin it in place around sides.

Stitch holder to lining piece A around sides and bottom

Pull the pin out and fold the holder 3/4" from each side (right, left and bottom) so it forms a box. Pin each side in its place and sew right and left side of piece C to the lining A piece

Make Elastic Closure

And for elastic closure, you need to cut 3" x 4" from lining fabric. Sew at the wrong side approximately 3/4" from the edge and turn out. Press the seams using iron

Insert small size elastic band into the elastic closure. Pin at both ends and cut the elastic band. Make sure you leave a half inch at the ends

Place the elastic closure at lining's upper right diagonal, down-accross. Refer picture below:

Make Bias Tape :
Prepare 3" x 28" from lining fabric. Fold the fabric in half so the wrong side meet and iron

Finishing :
Pin bias tape at lining fabric piece A. Meet the RIGHT side together and meet the edge of bias tape onto the edge of piece A. Stitch along 3/8" from the edge. After you finish the stitch, turn out the bias tape. Fold out untill the other edges meet the focus fabric. Press to neaten.

Hand-stitch the bias tape using slip stitch. Alternatively, you can stitch using sewing-machine. Don't forget to press the seams using iron. So you're finish !!

Just a hint : You can make it to renew your office accessories, to give it to your husbands/boyfriends, or maybe your father :)

I hope this tutorial can help. If there is any questions (or more) you can put a comment on this post



  1. Thanks for sharing! This is one of those things that I didn't even know I needed until I saw it here...now I can't wait to make one!

  2. thank you for commenting :)
    I appreciate it so much :D
    emh, do you make this? it's so cute, I love the model

  3. This will make traveling with my external so chic. Thanks :)

  4. awesome! this is so cool.. thanks for sharing!

  5. lovely....the external looks stylish and save with those cute cover..i will try it someday...

  6. I want to do something like this for my external hard drive. How much do you think it cost you for all the materials to make it?


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