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Now is my turn to participate in "Artist Around The World Blog Hop".
Thank you so much Lucy Banaji for asking me to participate in the blog hop. It has been two weeks since she asked (sorry Lucy!) It took me a lot of time to procrastinate and find two other artists to tag. Who are they? You'll find more about them at the end of this post

About Lucy Banaji :

Lucy Banaji is a London based surface designer and illustrator with an honour degree in fine art painting. As many of the blog hop participants, I met Lucy at Make Art That Sells e-course by Lilla Rogers and later at Design Garden Class e-course by Sabina Radeva from Design Garden. I was kinda surprised when she tagged me for taking this blog hop, because she's one of my favorite artist!  My first impression about her works were a blend of graphics and hand-drawn, feminine and warm. Aside from her design and illustration life, she also rock climbs in the most beautiful places on the planet and see what other cultures are doing and making.

 *images used with permissions

You can see her works at her website and society6 shop

I love featuring fellow artists, but here I must pause and answer some questions about my work and creative process.  

1. What are you writing/working on?

December is particularly slow in illustration job, but I managed to do some works. I contribute one illustration for a magazine, for its January issue. I don't have a nerve to show its full details so here's the sneak peek of my sketch for the illustration :

I also re-work some old works so I can use them on products

 You can find that i-phone6 case on my small shop in redbubble

2. How does your work differ from others in your genre?

It's kinda hard to define what is my genre. I'm in the phase of learning, so I do a lot of experiments. 
After did some observations and made some notes, I tend to love artworks which are using outlines (either dark, or pale) and wispy lines, influenced by modern surrealism, using vibrant colors, but still feminine and delicate. A work of mine which reflects those characteristics is this "I heart tea" artwork I created this July :

Most of my works were created from hand-drawn elements, using pen and ink, markings and scanned textures. And  I tend to do too much thinking and observations about a project, which makes me not so productive

3. Why do you create?
For me, creating is balancing my mood. My daily job tend to create frustration and feelings of limitation or restriction. I can be kept in a rather low mood for all day long. I can be too rigid and fixed in my opinions, can get caught up easily with detail and routine.
Creating is helping to keep my eyes on the big picture
4. How does your creative process work?
The  looser I work, the better my works become. 
I start by choosing a subject matter and doing some research. I'm a visual person, so making mood board  really help me at the next stage of my process. At that point, I usually have collected a large amount of inspirations images. Then I make some doodles using reference images, really messy doodles, by listening to songs that I think will fit the subject matters. I can choose a wide variety of songs, from classical music, javanese traditional music, heavy metal, 90's grunge, to japanese/korean pop music. After creating so much doodles, I choose few images to be refined, scan them and play with colors.

Here's a example of  my loose work. By not thinking too much I can achieve a loose piece, within a short time. Unfortunately, this work is not so marketable, sigh

Now it's my turn to tag two artists. I'm tagging :

Lidija Paradinovic (Celandine Design

I met Lidija in Pattern Observer class forum, and I'm glad that I could meet an artist with a finance-related day job, just like me! I can really understand her "staying up far past any reasonable bedtime" she stated in her bio. Her signature style is high level of complexity found in her patterns and her bright, vivid color choices. Currently, she was chosen to be one of Tumblr's Big in 2014 - Artist to Watch

 *images used with permissions 

Julia Glukhoy (

Julia is my class mate in Design Garden Class.  . I know her for her handmade feel, warm colors, and feminine illustrations. She also has a great etsy shop which is selling hand-drawn clip arts and patterns. The shop is moogbee. Her background of biotechnology helps her to keep an eye for small details and patterns, little cute characters and flowers. In 2013, she was short listed in the top 50 spots for the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search.

 *images used with permissions  

Just click on their website to know more about Lidija and Julia's works.

I wish I could feature more artists (not just two!), but here's the end of this post
I hope you're inspired :-)

And I want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Let's start 2015 with full of energy

I sew and now I design. What's next?


 Hello, Hi, Welcome, Selamat datang!!

It's really nice to be back on blogging. I lost my blogging mojo last April and gave up so much contents in draft mode. (I save so many draft posts, I swear!!) If you follow me on my personal facebook, you know what I have done in the last 6 month.

There's so many (good) news that I want to tell you, but that will make a very long post. So I left the nitty gritty details (you can see my projects in my portfolio) and share you a projects I've done : "Alina". How about sewing? (hush..I'm on a secret mission on planning something sewing related for you all. You can read a bit about it at the end of this post)

Tina, the creator of the brand, wanted a luxe, fresh design for her  wedding accessories business. I always ask some questions before starting a project to make sure that I know what she'he want to envision. Just like a travel guide or road map to a place where we want to head. By her answers, she preferred something elegant, pastel and sweet. I made a list of some words which could describe her brand. I came up with: feminine, simple, luxury, refined and elegant and made a mood board for her:

We did a lot of conversation about how the logo would look like on a packaging box, hang tag and wrapping paper. Tina was very passionate and enthusiastic when talking about her brain-child, something that made me happy having her as a client. After all the first color palette was thrown out. She chose another colors to go with the packaging

Here's how the final logo turned out:

You can see more of Alina branding in my portfolio

And.... for something that is sewing related..
Do you remember this photo?

 or this one?

For a fabric collector, I'm a total hoarder! My husband always complain about how much fabrics I do collect and do not use in the end, how much my sewing supplies has taken over his cabinet, and how much money I've spent for this habit

I'll give some clues. My next project will mash up my fabrics and sewing supplies collection and my love of drawings/illustrations :


Can you guess what it is?

Please leave some comments below. I love chatting with you

When playful and refined meet


I felt like I got a butterfly in my stomach when I first worked on branding and logo design. And it felt like that when I designed a new logo for my fellow crafter extraordinaire, Dian Kusumawardhani a.k.a Dini for her brand "DK Wardhani". It was because we've known each other for so long and I didn't want to disappoint her

Dini wanted a feminine, simple, playful and refined logo for her rising business in writing children and crafting books. It had some difficulties, especially on how to incorporate playful and refined in one logo? Playful and refined are so different, just like two opposites.

Fortunately, Dini was so easy to work with. We shared our ideas together using emails and chats.  And finally, I came into this logo, a feminine yet playful one. I must consider it still playful enough so she can use it in her children books

I was glad when she finally said "yes"! It was like giving birth to my last baby

Look how Dini used the new logo in her new promo video :

source : Craft Video by DK. Wardhani (capungmungil)

Thank you Dini for working with me!

For small business owner and any entrepreneur, I'm here to help you crafting a brand new logo. Just fill up this simple form

- citra -
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