I'm open for commissions: girl portraits

Hints: this is a shamelessly self-advertising post. Read more if you are my real  friends. Joking ;)

If you read this post about my girl with cuckoo clock, you'll see that I'm digging this kind of style. With mix of influences of cubism, picasso, 3D printing, geometric lace, and intense lineworks, those hairs were created in my notebook.

They were actually designed for an assignment. And I was partly surprised when some friends of mine emailed to ask if I could design their icons for their blog profiles. Of course, I said yes.
Then I think why not offering the service to my readers, openly. For web use only (blog profiles/twitter/facebook icons), my price will be far below than for printing use

Have more questions? get a quote by send a  form at the bottom of this page

- citra -

Dreaming of cuckoo


Meet you again at the end of February, still no sewing post, sigh
This time I'll show you one of my personal work, a design for iPhone case, with a cuckoo clock theme. Psst..two secret illustration works are in progress, hope I can show you soon...

Left or right?
I got confused selecting my final piece, with linearts or full color/without linearts?
I asked almost everyone I knew, including in my facebook page, then finally chose the right one :D
Thank you for your input, girls

You can now buy the artwork as iPhone case at my society6 and my shop at redbubble, as well as my other designs

I want to open society6 account for so long and now finally try it. Hope it runs well

See you later,

- citra -
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